Victorious! the Mind of Christ

It is easy to get back to God if you just pray and turn everything over to Him. It may not seem easy but just start with something that’s bothering you. Something that you would normally tell everyone else, something you’d normally obsess over, something that would discourage you or cause fear, something that would bring feelings of inadequacy; take it to God, tell it to God. Normally we over think these situations and wonder why they happened to us. In an attempt to understand our hurt, we obsess and talk about it to ourselves. We replay the situation in our heads with “what if’s” and “I should have said’s”.

If you have a pure or genuine heart toward God and those around you, chances are you’ve felt crushed but held your tongue and tried to let it go only to get home and have it all ( a snub by a coworker, a snide comment by an acquaintance, or rudeness and rejection by those close to you, being embarrassed) come back to you and sit front and center in your thoughts.

In an attempt to nullify these feelings and thoughts of regrets, we talk it out with several people, hoping they’ll make us feel better about the situation. But truthfully the only time we really feel better is when we truly turn it over to God. This is more than just saying “I give it to God”, this is sincere, open prayer to God about what and why “it” hurt us… “it” being the situation or person that caused the regret. Once you open up and give it to God you will be able to move on without regrets. You will be able to rest assured in your response, even if it was no response at all. You will know that the Lord will fight for you and that you need only be still (Exodus 14:14). Rest assured that when you glorify the Lord with your response, even when it is no response at all, you are not being weak, you are being His!¬†When any of these things happen, know that you are not defeated, you are victorious because you have given everything, all of your fears, doubts, and worries to Christ, and He has victory over EVERYTHING, even death! We are victorious, we have the mind of Christ!