I’m Still New

I’m still new to this format and forum. I’m still new to trying to get into the groove of things. I’m still new to finding graphics for the cover to this blog, and I’m still new to trying to find a layout I truly like that speaks to me and to what I want to convey. I’m very new to domains and still know very little about getting one which is why I still don’t have my own site, but I would love to. If anyone reading this can explain it to me, then I’d appreciate it. I don’t know the difference between domain and hosting. I still have questions like do I need both? and Why?

While I’m still new to blogging on WordPress, I’m also still new to marriage and navigating faith and I’m still learning more as the time goes on. All of this is exciting… but only because I have God. It’s exciting to know that God is in control and knows what’s around every corner. It’s exciting to know that He has a plan, a clear cut plan, and has chosen us to be part of it. And it’s both reassuring and exciting to know that no matter what I face, I am not alone and God was, is, already there and has an answer and direction to navigate even the toughest mountain to climb.