By Invitation Only

I so needed this, I think we all do, no matter what our station, situation, or place.

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are too good, and too loved to live like you’re not. You’re too valuable to think, you’re not valued. You are more precious than gold, more costly than the largest Tiffany diamond, in the world.

You were created, designed, and fashioned by God, in his image and in his likeness. You are perfect. Quit looking from without, in lieu of seeing what Yahweh has placed within, “You.”

Quit trying so hard, to earn or receive what Yahweh has already given you, freely. You are an original, walk in the original image and pattern of grace, He placed, upon your life. Free yourself, to be yourself. Come out of the seduction, of self-inadequacy.

Come into the divine production and masterful creativity of being, “You.” You are so loved, so honored, and so treasured. Accept Yahweh’s love for you as Truth. Believe in Him, believe in yourself…

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