The Treasure You Keep

I was recently on Instagram, and by recently I mean two minutes ago, and I was posting about my moment in time. Where my thoughts were, what I was doing.  The first thought was of the storm that was coming. I could hear thunder in the distance and see clouds forming over the building where I live. The second thought was that I wanted to share it with the world and let them know that there was something so simple about just turning everything off and listening to nature. The quiet is beautiful. My third thought came when I looked down and saw the reading material that had been calling to me since I first got up this morning. I looked and saw this plain, jade green mead notebook. Now to the ordinary person, this notebook might just look like a thin wisp of someone’s notes left behind, nothing interesting to the passerby who might see it on the street or at a desk at someone’s house; but for me, these very pages are worth more than anything that money could buy.

So as began to post, I took the usual pictures of the clouds and my view from where I sat in my living room with the blinds open. There was nothing special about those first four pictures, But when I got to the last one I noticed that there, right in front of me, was a treasure. This little green journal held treasures. These were times and records of time spent with God. These were times when I heard Him call to me, direct me, comfort me, strengthen me, and teach me. These were times when God opened my eyes to things not seen and taught me to listen with my heart of hearts for understanding. These were priceless, endless, treasures.

Every time I look at that notebook I feel a tug, a call, a beckoning to dip into the pages that unveil the depth of our conversations… a give and take with the King. It’s a reminder that there’s no place I’d rather be. At His feet, listening intensely to His plans, His words, His instruction and encouragement for what He’s assigned me. I look at these treasures, written in mere ink on paper, but deeper still, captured on the tablet of my heart and ingrained on my soul, reminding me who I am and all I am meant to do.

This is my treasure, it’s not silver, nor gold. This is my treasure, the thing I keep, time spent with God, sitting at His feet.




When I first met the Lord, on a personal and deeper level, I had no idea who I was, but He did. He picked me up when I was out on my own and taught me to depend on Him. I was afraid. I had been hurt countless times and had become tough as nails on the outside, but inside I was searing and bitter and trusted no one.

I thought I was alone and it was me against the world, but then I heard a voice and felt a touch on my shoulder. Someone was talking to me, telling me to let go, let go of everything that I’d been holding on to. She said, “God wants to heal you but He needs you to let go, let go of all that you’ve been through.” She called me by name, even though she had never met me. She didn’t know me, but God did and He used her to speak to me. She named everything I’d been through and then God began to pull. As He let His messenger speak, He began to pull from me all the impurities and dross that I had held onto since I was just a child.

As I sat on my knees in the dark on a concrete floor at a small church in Enid, I found myself completely vulnerable. And for the first time in a long time, I knew what it was like to feel, to feel something more than anger, fear, and the need for self-preservation. There on that floor in front of people I barely knew, and one whom I didn’t know at all, I surrendered and God gave me a new heart and I’m determined to honor Him with it. I don’t want to hold on to anything that doesn’t belong in a place that God gave me. I’m determined to bring every hurt, every disappointment and lay it at His feet and I’m determined to always forgive.

By Invitation Only

I so needed this, I think we all do, no matter what our station, situation, or place.

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are too good, and too loved to live like you’re not. You’re too valuable to think, you’re not valued. You are more precious than gold, more costly than the largest Tiffany diamond, in the world.

You were created, designed, and fashioned by God, in his image and in his likeness. You are perfect. Quit looking from without, in lieu of seeing what Yahweh has placed within, “You.”

Quit trying so hard, to earn or receive what Yahweh has already given you, freely. You are an original, walk in the original image and pattern of grace, He placed, upon your life. Free yourself, to be yourself. Come out of the seduction, of self-inadequacy.

Come into the divine production and masterful creativity of being, “You.” You are so loved, so honored, and so treasured. Accept Yahweh’s love for you as Truth. Believe in Him, believe in yourself…

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